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Summer Days in Dubai: How to Handle the Heat

Updated: May 16

If you’ve recently emigrated, you might be starting to wonder how to cope during those scorching summer days in Dubai. You're not alone, even those who have been here a while struggle with this aspect. Here's a guide to help you thrive and enjoy life in Dubai, even when the temperatures soar to prove it is possible to stay happy, healthy (and sane) in this desert climate.


The first rule of Dubai summers? Stay hydrated. Your body loses water faster than you might realize under the desert sun. Make it a habit to carry a water bottle wherever you go, and aim for at least eight glasses or 2 litres a day. If plain water doesn't float your boat, add a slice of lemon, cucumber, or a splash of juice to enhance the flavour, or make it sparkling for an extra touch of sophistication. If you're after an extra refreshing burst of hydration, try making ice pops or lollies to keep in the freezer - you can freeze anything from lemony water to fruit juice. Remember, drinks like coffee and alcohol can dehydrate you, so balance these with plenty of water.

Refreshing Drink

Cool Off

Find your own oasis. Whether it's a dip in a shaded pool, a cold shower after a long day, or just staying indoors with air conditioning, keeping your body temperature down is key to enjoying your day. Lightweight, breathable clothing will also be your best friend. Opt for cotton and linen fabrics that don't cling to your skin and feel floaty. Don't forget, white and light fabric reflect the rays, where dark fabric absorbs the heat, so choose wisely.

Indoor Activities

Dubai offers a multitude of indoor activities. From world-class shopping at The Dubai Mall to cultural experiences at Dubai Opera, there’s no shortage of entertainment options that let you escape the heat. Many venues also host seasonal events specifically tailored to provide respite from the summer temperatures and there is something for every taste. If you're not into the theatre, the cinemas here are unbelievable - opt for the platinum package and you can recline in a comfortable reclining chair and order food and drinks directly to your chair.

Indoor Sports

Staying active doesn't have to mean braving the heat. Indoor sports facilities are abundant in Dubai. Join a gym, try indoor climbing, or participate in group sports like basketball, padel or badminton at air-conditioned indoor courts. Not only will you keep your fitness up, but it’s also a great way to meet new people.

Indoor Climbing

Indoor Budget Activities

On a budget? No problem. Dubai offers many cost-effective indoor activities. Visit the Dubai Aquarium or explore the Museum of Illusions. Look out for community events in libraries or community centres, which often host workshops or movie screenings free of charge or for a minimal fee. For the kids, there are opportunities for art activities in the malls and souks, indoor play areas and trampoline parks for them to enjoy.

Indoor Luxury Activities

If you're feeling indulgent, Dubai’s luxury scene won’t disappoint. Spend a day at an indoor spa, enjoy a high tea at the Burj Al Arab, or splurge on a shopping spree in one of the many luxury boutiques. For a unique experience, try skiing at Ski Dubai—an indoor ski resort that lets you cool down and have fun in real snow, or try scuba diving at Deep Dive Dubai, the worlds deepest pool.

Interesting Experiences

If you like to be hands-on, you'll love making pottery of your own at The Mud House Studio, where you can learn a variety of clay-working techniques, or even do a candlelit wheel throwing session as a date-night to remember. The Green Planet is a great afternoon out for the kids, where they can meet the animals of the rainforest and get a nature hit at the same time.

Wheel Throwing

Learning New Things

As adults, we often forget about the joy of learning a new skill. Use the indoor hours to expand your horizons. Sign up for a cooking class to learn the art of Middle Eastern cuisine (or any cuisine you like - there are so many options). Take a workshop in photography, painting, or pottery. Many studios offer classes that cater to expats looking to learn something new in a social setting, making this a perfect opportunity to meet like-minded individuals. You could even just take a class or course in a topic you're interested in learning more about.

Summer Days in Dubai

While Dubai’s summer might initially seem daunting, embracing the lifestyle adjustments necessary to stay cool will make your experience much more enjoyable. Remember, every seasoned expat in Dubai was once a newcomer facing the same scorching heat. With these tips, you'll not only survive, but thrive during the hot months, making the most of what this dynamic city has to offer. So hydrate, stay cool, and dive into the myriad of indoor activities available at your fingertips and Don't forget to take you Vitamin D supplement!

If you're struggling to adapt to the new way of life here in Dubai, I can help you find your feet by exploring your strengths, tacking your fears and setting personalised action plan for your happiness and wellbeing. Reach out and we can chat about how I can help.


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